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        Since 1992, KOSUN has been dedicated in marketing&sales in power products. It has become a very professional,experienced and powerful team fighting in the front. It is divided by regions so as to present a professional and impressed face in the market. Meanwhile, it’s good to collect enough info. and dig deeply from the specific market for our internal analysis before approaching further. We focus on high-end market which our company targets at and our production matches with. Currently our market occupies Noth America,Europe,UK,Japan,Australia etc.. We continue developing more and more with our best efforts and the customers’ strongest support. CHEERS!



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        Shenzhen KOSUN Industrial Co., Ltd
        Address: Building B,Yinghaosheng Industrial Park, Dayang Development Area, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China
        +86 755 3311 6712  33116711  
        Fax: 0755-33116700 33116710

        Email: Sunny@szkosun.com
        website: m.mpmlvjk.cn

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