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        Strong R&D Team

        KOSUN is a leading manufacturer with strong R&D team. With more than 28 years of sufficient experience in development of power products and having educated engineers, we can always find the best solution in design and material resources to guarantee the product quality and costing.


        1. Industry Design (ID)


        ID comes from instructions of the company plan, the customers and info. collecting from the global market.


        2. Mechanical Design (MD)


        Mechanical engineers make drawings according to the initial designs, study how to make them happen in tooling and production, and improve whatever necessary to achieve compliance required and ease the next process.


        3. Electrical Design


        Electrical engineers prepare PCB layout per mechanical designs and make sure they meet the standards required.


        Keyword: Strong R&D Team

        Contact us

        Shenzhen KOSUN Industrial Co., Ltd
        Address: Building B,Yinghaosheng Industrial Park, Dayang Development Area, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China
        +86 755 3311 6712  33116711  
        Fax: 0755-33116700 33116710

        Email: Sunny@szkosun.com
        website: m.mpmlvjk.cn

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