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        Since 1992, Kosun has become a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D,production and sales. We always run in the forefront of the technological innovation and catch up with the market trends.Through decades of years of developing,our business has gradually covers most of the countries.

        PD 65W GaN

        Wall Charger

        PD 36W Aluminum

        Car Charger

        PD 20W Mini Size

        Wall Charger

        5A Type C Fast

        Charge&Sync Cable

        Aluminum Steel Tube Micro Cable


        Since 1992,KOSUN has become a professional and comprehensive manufacturer, which locates in Shenzhen and is specialized in a wide range of power products,such as travel chargers, car chargers, cables, power banks, power adapters,power strips. Our commitment is “Customer satisfaction is top priority. “Keep on being innovative and developing”.  Read More


        800 Staffs

        55 R&D Engineers 

        75 Quality-control Staffs

        Production Facilities

        25000 sq.m

        237 test and production facilities

        58 production lines

        Production Capacity 

        Charger 3 million units/month

        Cable 3.3 million units/month




        WHY CHOOSE US?


        KOSUN has taken the lead in adopting ISO9001 International Quality Management System and our products have got safety certificates like UL/ETL/FCC/CE/CCC/PSE/SAA.

        Contact us

        Shenzhen KOSUN Industrial Co., Ltd
        Address: Building B,Yinghaosheng Industrial Park, Dayang Development Area, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China
        +86 755 33116711

               +86 755 33116712(Sales Dept)  
        Fax: 0755-33116700 33116710

        Email: Sunny@szkosun.com
        website: m.mpmlvjk.cn

        Copyright 2020 Shenzhen KOSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved  粵ICP備19064990號

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